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The INFORMER Newsletter is INM’s member newsletter. We have been producing this newsletter since the beginning and it has evolved in many ways over the years.
This is a great resource to the members of the Informed Notaries of Maine and fits our mission to educate notaries public, increase public awareness, and serve as an information center.

The articles and information presented in these newsletters are contributed by our INM members, other notaries public, and the Secretary of State’s office. Members experience a great sense of belonging and a sense of “not being out there alone” by sharing their experiences. These articles give you a place to turn to for answers when you encounter a new situation you may be experiencing and are unsure of how to proceed. Knowing someone else has “been there done that” can help to give you the confidence that you need in your notarial work.

INM strives to stay current on all issues that impact the office of the notary public; therefore, we use the newsletters to distribute the information to our members as soon as we acquire it.

We have committed to continue to provide the newsletters to our members as part of their membership benefits because we believe it is important. Due to the cost of producing paper copies of this media, we have restructured the format to provide it in an electronic format to keep these costs down. If you wish to continue to receive a paper copy of the Informer, you will be required to pay an additional fee to cover the costs associated with producing, printing, and mailing the issues to the address on record for you. Please contact INM  to request this option. We reserve the right to discontinue providing a paper copy in the future and strictly providing only an electronic version that you will be able to download and print out yourself.

To access the current issue of The INFORMER newsletters, please navigate to the Latest Newsletter Post (you must be logged in as a member for this to appear in your drop-down menu above) …you can find it in the Members Only area or by clicking the Icon and/or link for the latest newsletter – in the footer below!

To access the archived issues of The INFORMER newsletters, please navigate to the Members Only area (you must be logged in as a member for this to appear in your drop-down menu above).

DISCLAIMER: All information submitted to INM for publication in our newsletter and/or on our website must be within the parameters of the INM Publishing Policies. All submitted information contains the thoughts and opinions of the authors and does not imply an official endorsement of the content by INM. Facts and information provided by INM is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. The information contained in the INFORMER and on our website is not intended to give advice pertaining to legal matters of any kind.