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INM is the only professional organization for notaries public in the state of Maine. The information provided is Maine specific, unlike the information received from national associations, which is more general to cover all fifty states.

Members experience a great feeling of belonging and a sense of “not being out there alone” by sharing their experiences either at gatherings, through the newsletter or through the INM sponsored chat group. When you are in a difficult situation, it helps to know others have experienced the same thing. It also gives you someone to turn to for answers when you encounter a new situation and are unsure how to proceed.


Charter Members

All members who joined the organization within the first year of INM being organized and maintain that designation each year and remain members in good standing.

General Members

All members who join the organization after the first year or after a break in membership.

Business Members

All members which are businesses that employ Notaries Public.

Honorary Members

All Notaries Public from other states.


Members who are Dedimus Justices

A Dedimus Justice has only one duty and that is to administer the oath of office to persons elected or appointed to a civil office. The governor appoints a Dedimus Justice for a lifetime term.

The State of Maine maintains a Dedimus Justice list to help make it easier to locate a Dedimus Justice when notaries renew their commission or need to be sworn into office for the first time. All Notaries Public must take the oath of office before a Dedimus Justice before they can perform their duties as a Notary Public. Please follow this link to search the list of Dedimus Justices maintained by the State of Maine.

Members who perform Wedding Ceremonies

One of the duties of a Notary Public commissioned in the State of Maine is to perform civil wedding ceremonies. A Notary Public may not refuse to perform a wedding without a legitimate reason. If you are unable to perform a wedding ceremony for a couple that requests your services, the couple intending to marry should be referred to another Notary. To help make this easier INM maintains a list of its members who like to perform wedding ceremonies. Please follow this link to view the list of members who enjoy performing wedding ceremonies.

Members who provide Mobile Notary Services

A mobile notary is a notary who is willing to travel to you [at your residence, place of business, or other arranged location] to conduct notary services. The most common form of mobile notary services is to process the closing paperwork for a mortgage or home loan. To help make this easier INM maintains a list of its members who also serve as mobile notaries. Please follow this link to view the list of members who are Mobile Notaries.