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RENEW: Already a Member?

You can review your membership record and renew your membership easily by logging into the website and viewing your profile. You will find the link to sign in at the top right corner of the page. If you are already logged in you will see Hello and your name. Next to that you will see a link that says View Profile. Clicking this link will bring you to your member record. You can review (and edit) your member record, print out your certificate or membership card, and renew your membership if it is due to expire (see the renew membership button under the Member Status section – next to the Dates Expires field). If you have any difficulties, you can contact Member Services and we will be happy to assist you.

JOIN: Not yet a Member? Join Now!

Please allow 24-48 hours for your membership request to be processed. Your membership number and login instructions for access to the Members Only section on our Web site will be e-mailed to you. If you prefer to mail your payment in, you can select the Pay by Mail button after filling in the membership registration form. Please note: applications and payments sent via postal mail may require  up to 14-21 days to verify your payment and process your request.

MEMBERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Effective July 1, 2013, annual membership with INM increased to $25 (1) year membership, $60 (3) year membership, $140 (7) year membership. To continue receiving a printed copy of the newsletter by mail, add an additional $20 per year to the above membership dues, all others will receive their newsletter via email.

Please fill in this form with the requested information and select the button for the option you wish to use to pay your membership dues. You will receive a notice that your membership application is pending once you select and complete the payment option. You will be contacted by Member Services if there are any questions regarding your application.

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Why Join or Renew your Membership with INM?

Laws frequently change and it is important for notaries to stay up with the current laws affecting notaries. INM notifies its members of law changes and pending law changes that will affect notaries. It is the easiest way to stay up to date and for only $25 a year, it is a bargain.

INM is the only professional organization for notaries public in the State of Maine and the information provided is Maine specific unlike the information received from national associations, which is more general as it is intended to cover many states.

INM members receive discounts on all INM publications and products; they also receive a discount at INM sponsored workshops and conferences.

Members experience a great feeling of belonging and a sense of “not being out there alone” by sharing their experiences either at gatherings, through the newsletter or through the INM sponsored chat group. When you are in a difficult situation, it helps to know others have experienced the same thing. It also gives you someone to turn to for answers when you encounter a new situation and are unsure how to proceed.

“The acts of Maine’s well-informed and capable Notaries Public clearly benefit the State and its people. As our State benefits, I hope you, too, will find your commission to be personally rewarding. Public participation is key to our democracy and I thank you for your willingness to become not only an involved citizen, but also a conscientious public official.” Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap.

Did you know…

  • a notary must keep records of all marriages performed?
  • notaries may perform marriages for family members?
  • a notary may not verify/attest a photocopy of a public record document such as a birth certificate?
  • a notary should not serve as a witness on a document and as the notary public for the signer?
  • a notary must personally witness the signature of the person appearing before them?
  • a marriage license must be signed in black ink?
  • a notary can be asked to testify in court?

Some of the Membership Benefits

  • Notary Workshops and Adult Education Programs.
  • The Informer quarterly newsletter.
  • Free listing in The Maine Register.
  • Access to information, advice, and support.
  • Free listing on INM’s Wedding Officiant and Mobile Signing lists (a resource provided to citizens seeking the services of a notary public).
  • For more in depth listing of benefits, view the Member Benefits page.