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Informed Notaries of Maine (INM) Volunteer & Employment Opportunities

INM has the following opportunities available within our organization; follow the links below to read all about them:




No current employment opportunities at this time





INM Board of Director OpeningsBoard of Directors

INM is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors. Do you have an interest in keeping up with notary law? Do you want to network with other notaries once a month? Do you have good organizational and communication skills?

INM has openings for several Board members. This is a volunteer position where Board members meet approximately once a month. We spend two to three hours of time per month doing committee work.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and services, please check out the information on the Board of Directors page.

INM Committee Openings

INM is seeking candidates for its important committees. Committee’s serve an important function; the work that each of the committees tackles is designed to complement and improve the Board’s effectiveness:

INM committees are as follows:committee meeting

  • Executive Committee
  • Board Recruitment & Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Public Relations/Communications Committee
  • Education & Training Committee

All committees are open to INM members [to serve or assist those who serve] except the executive committee and the finance committee.

Members are encouraged to contact the chairpersons to share their thoughts and suggestions regarding INM.

Contact INM President if you wish to assist or serve on the open committees.

Brief description of the committees:

The Executive Committee streamlines governance, information and procedures, but continues to require direction from the full Board. This committee facilitates decision making between Board Meetings and/or in a crisis situation. It also acts as the ad-hoc hiring committee for any positions to be contracted within the organization; performing the initial interviewing and contract negotiations. It then brings its recommendations to the full board at the next board meeting. This committee also reviews the Board of Director’s Handbook annually and makes necessary revisions.

The Board Recruitment/Membership Committee works to recruit potential Directors & seek out new benefits to provide to Members of INM – overseeing the membership benefits currently offered through INM. (See member benefits section on the website). They make recommendations for recruitment procedures and programs: board members, committee members, and general members. They also serve as the ad-hoc Nominating Committee, which presents the slate of nominees for the Board of Directors to the membership for approval at the annual meeting.

The Finance Committee reviews the expenditure of all funds for the organization, ensuring the financial affairs of the organization are current and in compliance with all standard accounting practices. They work in conjunction with other committees to ensure their financial needs are met. They also review investment opportunities and makes recommendations to the Board. They also arrange for an auditing of the INM organizations financial records every three (3) years.

The Conference Planning Committee works diligently to plan the Annual Education Conference (starting a year in advance); which includes all details, such as location, agenda, speakers, topics, etc. The committee works in conjunction with the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors to develop a conference budget. The committee is charged with a large task of brainstorming ideas for the training topics and speakers for our sponsored events and develops the program agenda. This committee works on obtaining speakers and/or instructors for the training sessions, and on obtaining vendors for the annual education conference. They serve as the instructor’s and/or speaker’s point of contact and also serve as the vendor’s point of contact for the events. The chairperson acts as the point of contact for all contract negotiations of venue chosen; bringing the contracts to the board for majority vote at which time the President signs the contract on behalf of the organization. They work directly with the venue contact to prepare the meal options and other logistical items for the event. Once all the details are established they work with the Public Relations/Communications Committee to develop a PR and advertising plan for the events.

The Education & Training Committee plans educational training event and workshops to include [but, not limited to] all details, such as location, agenda topics, trainers, etc. The committee brings their recommendations to the Board for approval. They work in conjunction with the Finance Committee to create a budget for educational trainings. They make recommendations to the Board of potential recruits for INM sponsored Instructor/Trainers, researching and following-up on potential trainings that can benefit all Maine notaries. They create and maintain curricula work plans and syllabus outlines for educational programs sponsored by INM: (to include, but not limited to) Notary 101, Mobile Notary/Signing Agent [Beginner & Advanced], Weddings, Adult Education, and any other educational trainings deemed appropriate to fulfill INM’s Mission to educate notaries. The committee makes recommendations to the Board on curriculum updates and training programs for all INM Sponsored Trainers in a Train-the-Trainer INM Certification Program. The committee also acts as the point of contact between INM and the Adult Education community.

The Public Relations/Communications Committee creates the Communications/Public Relations plan for the Organization. Writing press releases and disseminates the information to local area newspapers and online media. They maintain contact information for all newspapers in Maine and plan the advertising campaigns for all workshops, classes, events, conferences, and meetings of the Organization. They also obtain and/or recruit photographers to photograph workshops, classes, events, conferences, and meetings of the Organization to be used for publicity. They continue to evaluate marketing needs and also maintain the INM social media sites (Yahoo Listserv, LinkedIn, and Facebook).


Contact Information for the INM Opportunities:

(see each posting for the information on what you will need to submit for each post)