A non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining professional notarial standards!

Be prepared to perform all of the duties required of a Maine notary public

About Us!

The office of Notary Public was formally established in Maine in 1821. The Informed Notaries of Maine, formed in 1993, in response to the growing need for informed and educated notaries.Today, there are approximately 30,500 notaries in the state. INM's mission is to facilitate the education of all these notaries.

What We Do

Informed Notaries of Maine is an organization of Maine notaries public and is an independent, non-profit member organization. Although it works closely with the State of Maine Notary Officer it is not run by the Secretary of State's Office. Membership in INM is voluntary and independent from your notary commission from the State of Maine.


Laws frequently change and it is important for notaries to stay up with the current laws affecting notaries. INM notifies its members of law changes and pending law changes that will affect notaries. It is the easiest way to stay up to date and for only $25 a year, it is a bargain.