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Low-Cost Advertising Opportunity!


Advertise in our Informer Newsletter! …

Did you know that the State of Maine has approximately 30,000 notaries public?  We did, and we want to get the word out to them… 

In an effort to offset any potential increases to our membership dues, INM is opening up the Informer newsletter it produces to businesses and individuals who wish to consider advertising with us.

This is a great low cost way to promote your business or services. The support of our efforts to keep costs low and thereby not pass the expenditures on to our membership is much appreciated. In addition to supporting INM, you will also be reaching limitless potential customers from all around the state.
Your Ad Here
The prices and sizes for advertisements are as follows:
Business Card [Landscape Layout] Ad (2.00” x 4.74”): $15
Business Card [Portrait Layout] Ad (4.74” x 2.00”): $15
Half-Page Ad (4.25” x5.5”): $50
Full-Page Ad (8.5” x 11”): $75


All ads should be submitted print-ready in one of the following (JPEG, PNG, or GIF) formats with a 300 dpi resolution [or better] and sized according to the above dimensions. If necessary, you may submit a Microsoft Publisher file and we will convert the ad for you and insert it in the upcoming Informer edition.

We recommend that you avoid using unusual or rare font types as they may not be compatible with the printing company’s systems.

Ads may be submitted via email to or mailed on a DVD to: Attn: INM Editor, PO Box 707, Auburn, ME 04212-0707.  Be sure to include the Invoice with your payment (see link below). Please make your checks payable to INM.

Thank you in advance for supporting INM!

INVOICE for Ad placement